R&L Energy Rentals is a Rocky Mountain House based company that specializes in high quality rental equipment throughout all of Alberta.

R&L Energy Rentals invests in your needs, by providing the most high-quality and user-friendly equipment in Alberta

We are COR certified and ISNetworld compliant

R&L Energy Rentals is a central Alberta based company specializing in providing quality rental equipment throughout Alberta. Our equipment includes a self-sustaining Combo Unit equipped with two flush toilet washrooms, 25 foot light tower, 62Kw generator, 3000 liter diesel tank and two 6 cubic yard dumpster bins. We also carry office trailers, light towers, small Combo Units and dumpsters for commercial and residential use. R&L Energy Rentals is the official distributor of BioSolve Pinkwater for Canada.

Customer Service is our # 1 Priority

R&L Energy Rentals specializes in providing equipment for Construction, Oil and Gas industries We also specialize in supplying equipment for events, weddings and campgrounds. Anything you can use our equipment for, we will be there with the same set of standards. We are dedicated to keeping our equipment operating as efficiently as possible. We conduct weekly inspections on all equipment no matter the location, and work very closely with our clients to ensure all needs are met.

Effective, Environmentally Friendly Solution to Hydrocarbon Contamination and VOC Odours


Over the years, Pinkwater has become a trusted solution for industrial clean-up for over 35 years. Today, Pink Water is one of the safest, environmentally friendly solutions used as a clean-up agent for fuel spills.

BioSolve Pinkwater products brought to you by R&L Energy Rentals are environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient in any workplace. R&L is always striving to emulate proper procedures, improve rental and product services, and to maintain professional and reliable customer relations.


Uses for Pinkwater include:

 * Soil Reclamation 

 * Industrial Maintenance such as Degassing and Cleaning

 * Vapor/Odor Control

 * Hydrocarbon Spill Response

 * Facility shutdowns and turnaround maintenance

 * For tank or pipeline cleaning

 * Neutralizing LEL’s for manned entry or decommissioning


R&L Energy Rentals is proud to present our 5 in 1 combo unit.

This unit offers the following benefits:

  • Flushable & Heated Washrooms

  • 62Kw Diesel Generator

  • 3000L Diesel Fuel Container

  • 25ft Light Tower

  • Two 6 Cubic Yard Sized Dumpsters

Alternatively, a smaller combo unit

This unit offers the following benefits

  • 20Kw Diesel Generator
  • Dumpsters Included
  • Explosion proof LED lights


R&L Energy proudly services all of Alberta